fckn up

i think i'd want to erase 2 days mostly.

the day I tried glass for the first time ever back in 10th grade on June 03/04, 2003. i think.

&the day I ditched 3rd period, my senior year in 05 because we were really tweaked out and I missed my Final for Trig. Failed the class.
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if you would have asked me this question maybe a year and a half ago my answer would be different. but things happen and people change. in my case my whole life was turned upside down. if i could delete one memory in my life as of right now it would be agreeing to ever move here. maybe if i couldnt remember agreeing maybe no one else could either and i'd still have my life and my friends(not over 1000 miles away either) maybe i would have graduated high school and not lost who i am and who i want to be. maybe i'd know where im going in life. and not just be here sitting typing on my computer about how much i would have done this or would have done that i'd just be doing it instead. living my life and having fun. if only wishes came true right?